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Update: Potential Zoning Changes

This morning The City of Grand Rapids issued a Media Release:

Neighborhood input results in Zoning Map change

After meeting with Westside residents and business leaders, First Ward Commissioners and City officials are responding by crafting modifications to a proposed Zoning Map they believe better align with neighborhood interests. The proposed changes support two important goals of the community: providing a better transition between downtown and the neighborhood, and facilitating development of affordable housing. The proposed Zoning Ordinance text and map amendments are available at the City’s website at

Look below for a higher resolution image of the updated map.

Please check out the Press Release and let us know what you think!

The updated map:

The revised map for downtown Grand Rapids addresses resident concerns by reducing height limits on the near west side from 10 stories to seven stories by right in a new zone district. It divides the Downtown Height (DH) overlay district into two zones. The DH-2 (a) zone allows buildings up to 10 stories in height by right, with an additional six bonus stories. The DH-2 (b) zone allows buildings up to seven stories in height by right, with an additional five bonus stories, which can only be fully attained by providing affordable housing.
— - City of Grand Rapids 3/24/2017 Media Release