Community Resources

211: Local resources 
Dialing 211 helps you access basic needs such as shelters, food pantries and transportation. Representatives can also connect callers with financial assistance and applications to lower utility bills.

311: City information
311 is the number to call to obtain information and access to all non-emergency City government services (or dial 616-456-3400 if unable to reach the City by dialing 311).

Food Pantries:  Feeding AmericaNorthwest Food Pantry and Resource Center

PAW Pet Food Pantry: A WGNO program being run by our Youth Leaders. See their page for details: West Grand Youth Leaders

Grandma's Attic & Toiletry Closet: See West Grand Youth Leaders for more information.

Housing (Code Compliance): (616) 456-3053

Sidewalks: (616) 456-3243

Streets & Sanitation: (616) 456-3232

Kids & Teens Summer Programs: Click Here

What is the difference between 311 and 911?

311 is the number to call to obtain information and access to all non-emergency City government services (or dial 616-456-3000 if unable to reach the City by dialing 311). 911 is the number to call in case of emergency (burning house, robbery, crime in progress).

Police non-emergency (616-456-3400) is the number to call for information related to obtaining copies of accident or incident reports, background checks, residential alarm permits, copies of reports, identity theft or any issue that is Police non-emergency that may require an officer to be dispatched.

What can I report using 311?

You can use 311 to report many different issues, including but not limited to:

  • Pot holes

  • Broken or Street or traffic lights

  • Abandoned Vehicles

  • Graffiti

  • Pollution

  • Sidewalks (during the winter, snow removal)

  • Missed refuse or recycling pick up

  • Illegal dumping

  • Clogged catch basins

  • and More!

What are the different ways I can report an Issue?

To report a pot hole, streetlight, housing , please contact the City by dialing 311, use the City’s 311 mobile application, to make a report on their website visit

The application can be downloaded from the Android Market Place and the iPhone App Store. Click the buttons below to download. (You must be on an android phone for the Android link to work.)

West Grand Neighborhood Organization loves the City's 311 mobile application because anyone can report issues with their cell phones and even include pictures. The pictures help the city see what you are seeing and help them find them! 

311 makes it possible for anyone with a phone, iPhone or Android Smartphone or internet access to report pot holes, graffiti, street light problems, and a wide range of other issues from anywhere in the City’s service area. 

Reports are submitted directly into the City’s Citizen Request Management systems and integrate with the operations work management solutions – giving city workers the information they need to fix the problem quickly. Citizens who make a report using the mobile app and website receive a ticket number allowing them to track progress and receive notice when the reported matter is resolved.

Grand Rapids has had great success with web-based solutions. City residents take great pride in area neighborhoods and businesses. 311 empowers the Grand Rapids’ community to become the eyes and ears of the city.


Phone:  To make a report by phone, dial 311.  8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is closed on weekends and holidays. The service center will direct you to the services you need.

Mobile App: To start using the app, download it from the links provided below on your phone. When finished downloading you just click on the app to open it, from there you will see a list. We suggest first going to the button labeled "Reporter" so you can enter in your information, It will ask for name, email and phone number (this is so the city can contact you about your report if they need to), this information IS NOT public. It is only for the city to contact you IF they need additional information. The likely hood is very slim however. After entering in your "Reporter" information hit "Save." It will take you back to the main screen and you are ready to make your report. To make open a report/ticket touch "New Report" and follow the instructions below.

Website: Go to the link for the website and follow the instructions below as they are slightly different than the mobile version.

Choose Service or Select A Service: Choose what type of report you are making by clicking Pothole, Streetlight, Graffiti or Other. There may not be a category for the issue you are trying to report, if that is the case list it as "Other." 

Location:  When using the mobile app on your phone it uses GPS to locate the location of the complaint, meaning it will pinpoint on the map where you are located while making the report. If you are not near the place you are reporting, you have to move the pinpoint on the map to the address/or approximate address you are reporting. We suggest double checking the address before you submit it via the mobile app to make sure you are reporting the correct one!

The website allows you to enter the address manually into the form. The more accurate the address the more likely the city will be able to locate it!

Add a picture: If you have the ability to add a picture to the report, we cannot stress enough about how helpful this is to the city in order for them to locate the issue for the ticket you opened. Choose "Upload" or "Choose File" and select the picture from your phone or computer to upload it.

Description: On the mobile app you only have so much room to make the report, so be sure to be straight to the issue with your report by listing key and identifying facts. An example of a description that is helpful to the city is - Ford Escort, black w/no license plate. 4-door, early to mid 1990's. Abandoned for a month. Parked on (street name) in front of (color) house.

Share with Public: It will ask if you want to share the report with the public so they can see if something has already been reported. If you choose "share with public" this means people can see your report, however they cannot see your name or contact information. ONLY THE CITY gets that information for follow up purposes if they need to contact you.

Contact: Enter in your contact information in case the city needs to follow up with you about your report. This information is not shared with the public. You can submit a report anonymously if you do not fill out the Contact information, but the city will not be able to contact you for additional information about your report if they need it.

NOTE: Double check your report before you hit "Submit." Always make sure all information is correct before you submit it so your report/ticket can go from open closed in a timely manner. The more accurate it is, the less time it takes for the city to resolve the issue!

Submit: Click the button to submit your report.

The great thing about 311 is that if you have made a report, you can check on the status of the report to see if it has been closed. In the mobile app this can be be done by going onto the app and choosing "My Reports" and you will see all reports you have made and their status. On the website you choose "View Reports" and search for your report.


Spring 2015: Public Services crews are working throughout the City filling pot holes as quickly as possible.  Because suppliers are not making hot asphalt yet, the material that Grand Rapids is using now is a recycled mix that is not made the same as regular asphalt that it uses in the late spring and summer. DPS uses this recycled mix to fill the deeper holes and “tire busters” to get the City through the early spring until the asphalt plants open. This “recycled mix” typically does not stay in shallower holes and if any moisture comes in contact with it, it tends to crumble and pop back out of the holes. Grand Rapids is responding to every complaint made to 311 and some are just rough road patches that it has on its radar that will be repaired as soon as the proper material is available.

For additional information on 311 and frequently asked questions, go to: