Immediate Assistance

Emergency: 911
For immediate assistance with any medical, crime, or other safety issue

Police Non-Emergency: 616-456-3400
Request copies of accident or incident reports, background checks, residential alarm permits. Report identity theft or any issue that is Non-Emergency and may require an officer to be dispatched.

Non-Emergency, Non-Dispatch: 616-456-3403
Report crime or damage done to property which you do not expect a officer response but a report needs to be made for insurance purposes and to assist the department to track crime in your neighborhood and see crime patterns develop sooner.

Graffiti Hotline: (616) 456-3666

Silent Observer:  (616) 774-2345
Anonymously report a crime that effects the safety and well-being of your neighborhood

Community Contacts



West Grand Community Officer     Anthony Leonard    
Phone:  (616) 826-5321



West Side Service Area Captain       Matthew Ostapowicz
West Service Area Commander    
Phone:  (616) 456-3876


Code Enforcement Officer Shelly Weiss
Phone: (616) 456-3875