West Grand Neighborhood Organization (WGNO) is the second-largest neighborhood organization in Grand Rapids.  Its boundaries include the Grand River to the east, Bridge Street to the south, Bristol Street to the southwest, and the city limits to the north.  We are a non-profit organization.

WGNO has a great mix of residents and businesses and is home to two neighborhood business districts within its boundaries -- West Leonard and Stockbridge.  It is our goal to produce such programs that enable our residents and businesses to coexist in an environment that produces a healthy and vital neighborhood for all.

Neighborhoods are structured to maintain both rental properties and owner-occupied homes.  Each neighbor is offered the tools to keep their neighborhood just and as they see it.  Seniors offer stability, homeowners offer vested interest, and rental properties offer investment opportunity. Businesses offer trade and financial support to our neighborhood.  All healthy neighborhoods need each of these elements to survive.

The needs of our neighborhood are most effectively addressed when we speak with a voice of solidarity.  Our purpose at WGNO is to offer all residents and businesses the opportunity to participate in formulating that voice through a well-designed web of targeted programs and integrated communication.

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