How to Avoid Being a Victim of a Car Larceny

How to Avoid Being a Victim of a Car Larceny

West Grand Neighborhood Organization
By Esteban Moreno, ATPA VIN Technician


    The number of car larcenies in the city tends to be consistent each year. We become complacent and forget to either lock our vehicles or place our belongings out of sight. As our lives get more hectic, our priorities seem to reduce. Many times as we lay there tucked in for the night remembering we left the keys in ignition, left our laptop in the car, forgot our purse or wallet, and say it will be ok until morning. Well morning comes around and low and behold it’s gone. The important thing to remember even though it’s “just stuff” it’s now set us back financially which could have been avoided.

    Insurance rates rise as we are making more and more claims due to our lack of judgement. Just think, “what if we all lock our stuff” how many less claims would be made. A simple reminder to just hit the button on the fob or placing things in the trunk (out of view) would greatly reduce these numbers. Added theft prevention measures like car alarms, GPS, kill switches and steering wheel locks deter theft. A sticker on the vehicle noting that the vehicle has anti theft measures helps as well. When at a gas station or convenience store, don’t leave the vehicle running or the keys in the ignition. And never leave your children unattended.

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 Funds for this program are provided by the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority.