Upcoming Holidays Means Higher Auto Theft Rates


Upcoming Holidays Means Higher Auto Theft Rates

West Grand Neighborhood Organization
By Esteban Moreno, ATPA VIN Technician

Once again as the weather cycles into fall we are moving towards cooler weather. The Holiday’s bring family gatherings and outings. The national trends show that the most popular holidays associated with vehicle thefts are (2016 National Statistics):

  • Halloween with 2,578 thefts

  • Labor Day with 2,258 thefts

  • New Years Eve with 2,242 thefts

  • Christmas Eve with 2,054 thefts

  • Thanksgiving with 1,777 thefts

As mentioned before in prior articles, we need to remember the basic fundamentals of safety and security. Always lock your vehicle, never leave keys or fobs in the vehicle, park in well lighted areas, and don’t leave valuables inside. Carjackings are on the rise in higher populated areas. This is due to factory installed theft devices. If you become a victim of a carjacking, you need to stay calm, don’t resist (it’s only property) and never leave a child in the vehicle. Plead to let your children go with you and begin to unbuckle them before they can say anything. Once you are safe call the police or ask for help. Give a good description of the suspect, whether they are armed (and with what), vehicle description and direction of travel. Be safe this fall and stay alert.

For any further questions regarding vehicle theft prevention call West Grand Neighborhood Organization at 616-451-0150 or e-mail the West Grand Neighborhood Organization ATPA VIN Technicians at ATPA@westgrand.org

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Funds for this program are provided by the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority.