Adeline's Promise

Senior citizens should not be afraid in their own homes.  That was something community activist Adeline Kuzma believed, and two assaults in her own home -- the second one even after she applied safety tips offered by WGNO -- underscored that belief.  In memory of Adeline, a program named after her was instituted to boost senior safety in the neighborhood.  Adeline's Promise provides locks for seniors to put on their homes, trims bushes, shovels sidewalks, installs smoke detectors, repairs plumbing, provides home-security checks -- just about anything a senior needs to feel safer.

For more information, contact WGNO at 616-451-0150.

Adeline's Safety Tips


The Never List:

  • Never let anyone into your home without proper ID. If you are unsure of the identification you are presented with call the agency they are representing.
  • Never put mail into your mailbox that contains checks, or personal information about yourself. Instead take it to the Postal Drop Box where it will be secure.
  • Never allow your newspapers to pile up in your yard, on your steps or porch.
  • Never leave your doors or windows unlocked.
  • Never be afraid to notify the police. People are often afraid to call the police because they don't want to bother them. Don't be afraid to call, they are there to help you. Emergency: 911 Grand Rapids Police non-emergency: 456-3400

There are Several Great Alarm Systems

Some cost money and some are free and easily used.

Alarms protection:

  • Alarm Systems. Talk to your friends or family in choosing the right one for you.
  • Timers used in a home confuse a possible predator as to how many people are int he home as well as are you at home.
  • Motion lights startle and confuse a would be perpetrator.
  • Dogs make great alarm systems. Contrary to popular belief, smaller dogs make more noise and are usually more loyal in guarding an owner. Plus they are great companions.

Ways to protect yourself for free:

  • Your neighbor. A great neighbor is more likely to see or notice anything suspicious.
  • Small teacups on the windowsills are great tools. If someone were trying to come in through your window it would fall and break. This allows a reaction time for you to call 911.
  • Keep a set of sleigh bells or ornamental bells on all doors that come into your house.
  • Put a chair in the path of your doors when retiring at night. A perpetrator will trip or fall over it when entering.

Don't Become a Victim:

  • Keep your outside lights on. A well-lit house is less likely to become a target.
  • When you are awake, keep your lamps or standing lamps next to windows. It is harder to see into a home if the light is closer to the window.
  • Keep growth down around your home. Don't give a perpetrator a place to hide.

Need Help:

  • Call and know your Neighborhood Watch Captain. If your block does not have one, call WGNO and start one.
  • Call your neighbors, they are usually very willing to help.
  • Ask a close family member.

(616) 451-0150

Adeline's Promise is operated free of charge to seniors, through a system of volunteers, and in partnership with Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock.