Mural Concept & Artist Statement

Below is the preliminary concept art our artists have come up with. NOTE: As the project evolves it will look different.

More info will be added at a later date.


Artist Statement by george

The intention of this mural is to show a diverse community in every way. Trying to capture the spirit of the Westside with all ages backgrounds, professions, and all social classes. With showing this community all-together they are bound by a concept which is represented by the person in the center.


Mural Color Test

by George

The person in the center represents a concept that is shared all around the Westside. A community uplifts and supports all people. With love and positivity. Shining a light on all in the community no matter what race, religion, gender, or background. This is how a community survives and progresses, with each other and respecting our differences and working for positive change.

A light will be shining from the figure in the center that would touch the faces of all people represented in the mural. The center is the light source. Insuring that the concept of community affects all people.


Character Art

by George

The ladies on the sides represent the gatekeepers of the Westside.  The gatekeepers would look like Positive female role models from the community or from the history of the Westside. 



I work as a character and cartooning artist. My specialty is portrait work. The image I have sent is a rough draft. But if my mural layout is selected I would like to Stage a photo-shoot with members of the community to recreate this layout.

After the photo is taken I will draw a portrait of each person to then be painted in the mural.

The selection of people in the mural can be a call to the community to see who would want to be involved or the CID and other community organizations can select people that they would like to have in the painting.

Color Concept

By George

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